Village Church in Geltow


Am Wasser 52
14548 Schwielowsee OT Geltow
Phone +49 176 21620366


The colourful bricks of Geltow Village Church already welcome you from across the Havel lakes. It went into service on December 22, 1887 and was built in the Gothic Revival style.
Whereas Geltow used to be characterised by the farm estate, tree nursery and horticulture, it has changed completely over the last twenty years. The gardens have made way for detached houses and the number of inhabitants has almost doubled in a few years. This means that the church parish has changed too and now faces the challenge of appealing to the many new Geltowers and integrating them into the parish with their often astounding talents.

Since 1928, the church parish has also included the Wildpark-West settlement, which does not have a place of worship.

Church services are lively and varied because they are organised by different preachers and organ players. The singing circle and a newly formed trombone choir meet every week. Once a month, parishioners are invited to a meeting on various topics.

The parish, together with Potsdam’s Erlösergemeinde and Heilig-Kreuz-Gemeinde, form a single parish district and are taken care of by the two priests in this region.


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