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14467 Potsdam

14467 Potsdam
The 66 Lakes Trail is the leading walking route through Brandenburg. The signs (a blue spot on a white background) mark the way along one of the most attractive walking trails in Germany. The route around Greater Berlin is 400km long and divided into 17 stages. Apart from on the way to and from the trail, the walker has no contact with the city, but instead is led through picturesque forests and along meadows, lakes and rivers. On the way he can discover the various species of plant and animal life typical in the Brandenburg countryside. Similarly, he can observe a variety of bird species from numerous lookout points in the forests, fields and lakes. In the summer, he can enjoy a swim in one of the many lakes, while in the winter, the snow-covered landscape provides a romantic setting for his walk.

But the trail is not only suitable for nature-lovers, as it also passes through several attractive historic towns and villages, which are always worth a visit. There are many old churches, barns and farmyards to discover in the villages. Along the route, picnic benches encourage walkers to take a break, while restaurants attract visitors with their regional dishes and drinks.

The 66 Lakes Trail has hardly any inclines and is therefore also recommended for inexperienced walkers. In addition the route can be divided up into individual day walks and it is possible to join at any point. The beginning and end of the trail are easily reached on public transport from Berlin. The walker can decide himself whether to walk in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

Single stages:
Stage 1: Potsdam – Marquart (18.3 km)
Stage 2: Marquart – Brieselang (19.7 km)
Stage 3: Brieselang – Henningsdorf (19.9 km)
Stage 4: Henningsdorf – Wensickendorf (24.8 km)
Stage 5: Wensickendorf – Melchow (30.5 km)
Stage 6: Melchow – Leuenberg (29.1 km)
Stage 7: Leuenberg – Strausberg (24.4 km)
Stage 8: Strausberg – Rüdersdorf (22.8 km)
Stage 9: Rüdersdorf – Hangelsberg (20.4 km)
Stage 10: Hangelsberg – Bad Saarow (24.7 km)
Stage 11: Bad Saarow – Wendisch Rietz (23.1 km)
Stage 12: Wendisch Rietz – Neuendorf am See (20.3 km)
Stage 13: Neuendorf am See – Halbe (27.1 km)
Stage 14: Halbe – Wünsdorf (30.9 km)
Stage 15: Wünsdorf – Trebbin (30.4 km)
Stage 16: Trebbin – Seddiner See (23.5 km)
Stage 17: Seddin – Potsdam (25.7 km)


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