Seventeenth Stage “66-Lakes Hiking Trail”: Heath and Havel

Hiking tours | Länge: 28 km


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Bahnhof Seddin
Kunersdorfer Straße
14554 Seddin

Potsdam Hbf
Babelsberger Straße
14467 Potsdam
The final stage of the 66-Lakes Hiking Trail takes you from Seddin back to your starting point in Potsdam. The 76-metre uphill and 86-metre downhill sections are at a maximum altitude of 66 metres above sea level and a minimum height of 28 metres above sea level.

Length: 28 kilometres (7 hours)

Start: Seddin

Finish: Potsdam

Logo/route sign: Blue circle against a white background

How to get there: From Berlin central station, take the RE7 (Dessau) to Seddin (about 45 minutes).

Return journey: From Potsdam central station, take the S7 (Ahrensfelde) to Berlin central station (about 45 minutes).

Route: Seddin, Caputh, Potsdam

Route description: Now the hiking trail takes you back to familiar territory, but there are still a few more interesting things to see. At the start of today’s stage you can choose whether to hike along forest paths, east of Caputh castle or along the water, the River Havel. On your way to Caputh you reach the last lakes of the 66-Lakes Hiking Trail: Lake kleiner Seddiner See, Lake Karinchensee, The Lienewitzseen lakes, Lake Caputher See and as well as Lake Templiner See. Starting in Caputh, there is an unmarked path that takes you back to the marked hiking trail via Lake Petzinsee. The official trail also takes you to Lake Templiner See, but it also leads to a great viewpoint near Pirschheide. The viewpoint, one of the most beautiful of the whole tour, affords great views across the water. You have now returned to just outside Potsdam. Unfortunately, that’s almost the end of the 66-Lakes Hiking Trail. On your way back to your starting point, the Brandenburg Gate, you will pass a few more sights of Potsdam

  • Pirschheide: Viewpoint
  • Potsdam: Sanssouci Palace Park and its Palace Park, the Church of Peace, the Marble House, Charlottenhof Villa and many more

Possible combinations:
  • A hike around the Havel lakes of Potsdam
  • KulTour cultural tour of lesser-known Potsdam

Trail conditions/surface: not specified
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