Caputh – welcome to Einstein's idyllic summer resort

Back in his days, Albert Einstein could not resist the charm of the former fishing village Caputh and had his summer house built here. Tucked away among the splendid landscape of the Havel Lakes and pine woods, Caputh lures the visitor with its palace and its location at the Caputh Gemünde.

Caputh was first mentioned in any historical records in 1317 and sidles along the shores of the River Havel for several kilometres. Amidst the magnificent natural landscape with its extensive forests and wide waterways of Lake Schwielowsee and Lake Templiner See artists have found the peace and quiet needed for their work ever since. Over the centuries, Caputh became famous above all for its Baroque palace of Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg, and Einstein's summer residence. The physicist spent many happy moments of his life here, when sailing on the Havel Lakes and simply being at his summer house, which overlooks the lake.

One of the landmarks of Caputh is its cable ferry 'Tussy'. It has been ferrying pedestrians, cyclists and cars back and forth between the Caputh Gemünde and Geltow for over 160 years.

Sights worth seeing in Caputh